NHS programme

Our practice is able to offer free travel vaccinations under the NHS programme.

Details of which vaccines are offered free by the NHS are on the NHS online guide.

Depending on where you are travelling to, you might need some travel vaccines that are not included in the NHS programme. You will need to contact a private travel service if this is the case.

When should I start thinking about the vaccines I need?

The most important thing to bear in mind about travel vaccinations is the importance of forward planning. The advice on NHS website is that you should contact your GP at least eight weeks before your travel date.

If you think you require travel vaccinations, please request a travel advice questionnaire through our online consultation tool (PATCHS)

Hepatitis B Vaccination

Please note that Hepatitis B vaccination for occupational health purposes is not provided free of charge on the NHS and we don’t provide it privately to patients.

Risk assessment

One of our clinical team will conduct a risk assessment when we receive your completed pre travel questionnaire. This includes such things as destination, duration and type of trip, previous medical history and immunisation status.

We have to allocate an appropriate amount of time for the nurse to prepare this assessment before any appointment.

Our Receptionists are not trained to offer any advice to patients on whether vaccinations are required for a particular destination.

Please make sure we have your forms at least 8 weeks before your travel date to ensure we can carry out the risk assessment and schedule any appointments you may need.

Alternative providers

If your travel date is less than 5 weeks away and we can’t provide suitable appointments there are private travel clinics in the Southport area but these do, of course, charge a fee.