Cookery on a Budget

This is a course for beginners and no prior subject knowledge or skills are required.

We’ve teamed up with Adult Learning Service (ALS) cooking course at Newsham Park ASL site (north) and Granby ASL site (south).

The course is free for those on benefits or earning less than £18,600 a year

Course Content: Five ingredients or fewer is all you need to make delicious family dinners. Join our introductory course and try cooking our easy 5-ingredient dinners to feed the family.  As well as saving you time in the kitchen, they'll cut the cost of your weekly shop. With the help and support of our cookery staff, using clever corner-cutting techniques you can create meals that are full of colour and flavour and create delicious meals.

How will I learn?: All sessions will include tutor demonstrations and listening to instructions; working on individual projects or with others in groups and taking part in classroom activities.

How will I know that I am progressing?: Each learner will have a Personal learning Plan which he or she will update briefly during each session. In addition to this your tutor will give you regular updates on your progress both verbally and in written feedback.

What materials or equipment will I need to provide?: Ingredients will have to be supplied by the learner each week but the learners will be given 6 recipes during the enrolment session then course will start the following week. You will also need a notebook, pen and a folder to organise lesson materials.

How to join?: Contact your GP practice and ask for Health & Wellbeing Coach to book a place. Or email our team directly at


Newsham Adult Learning Centre, 83 Newsham Drive, L6 7UH     233 1809
Enrolment session: Friday 29 April from 10.00-11.00
Course starts: Friday 6 May – 17 June 2022 from 10.00-12.00.
6 weeks x 2 hours per week

Granby Adult Learning Centre, Eversley Street, L8 2TU    233 2400
Enrolment session: Thursday 28 April from 10.00-11.00
Course starts: Thursday 5 May – 16 June 2022 from 10.00-12.00. 6 weeks x 2 hours per week.

Tutor: Lyndsay Williams

Information provided by Central Liverpool Primary Care Network

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