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Liverpool Lets get Active

Liverpool: Active City is an initiative which is aimed at encouraging the people of Liverpool to become More Active, More Often. Present statistics show that only two in ten adults in Liverpool are active enough to benefit their health but eight in ten think they are.

Our vision in Liverpool is to exceed national targets for participation in physical activity. The main aims of the initiative being to increase the profile of active living in Liverpool, improve the coordination of existing services, ensure that everybody has access to appropriate activity, ensure structural support for physical activity initiatives.

The initiative has the full support of organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Ten reasons to get active

You'll reduce Stress 
You'll Sleep Better 
You'll control your weight 
You'll Feel Better 
You'll look better 
You'll increase efficiency & concentration  
You'll be healthier 
You'll live longer 
You'll be stronger 
You'll have fun!

You can read more about these, and about the Liverpool Active City campaign at